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Wandering Bud creates smoking wares to fit your personality and your lifestyle.

Blending art with function, WB pieces can be left out in your home alongside your everyday essentials and décor.

Our pieces are crafted by hand from porcelain, brushed with food-safe glaze, and painted with pearl or 22k gold luster.

Slip our best-selling chillum in your bag and take it with you while you wander.


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In late 2016, Riley, the artist and owner of Wandering Bud, began searching for a side project to fill her evenings after spending her days teaching elementary music. With a love of all forms or art and a drive to create a business with an impact that would cater to women, Riley set up a small studio space in her basement and began crafting smoking wares for women by hand. In May of 2018, she left teaching to create for Wandering Bud full-time.