riley brain

In late 2016, Riley, the artist and owner of Wandering Bud, began searching for a side project to fill her evenings after spending her days teaching elementary music. With a love of all forms or art and a drive to create a business with an impact, Riley set up a small studio space in her basement and began crafting her wares by hand. In May of 2018, she left teaching to create for Wandering Bud full-time.


social justice

At Wandering Bud, we strive to bring beauty and intention to your ritual through thoughtful design, sustainable practices, and education.

While we legally operate a business in the cannabis-adjacent space, people (predominately Black) continue to be incarcerated for small weed-related crimes. The stigma and criminalization of cannabis is largely due to its racist roots, dating all the way back to the early 1900s. To obtain a better understanding, we recommend reading this article and watching the documentary Grass is Greener on Netflix to get a clearer view of the racially-motivated practices politicians employed in order to control and incarcerate BIPOC. These racist ideologies and actions of long-deceased politicians still shape our cultural mindset surrounding the cannabis plant today.

Being in this industry, we feel it is necessary for all cannabis and cannabis-adjacent businesses to acknowledge and operate with social justice at the forefront.

At Wandering Bud, we will continue to:

  • Promote the education of cannabis through our social media and email platforms.
  • Support the BIPOC community by collaborating, contracting, and hiring to our team whenever possible.
  • Donate twice monthly to the following equity-oriented organizations:

As we continue to further our own knowledge about social justice in the cannabis space, we encourage you to do the same! Below are some resources we trust and support: