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frequently asked questions


Intended for tobacco use only. Purchasers must be of a legal age.

As our wares are completely handmade, variation will occur from item to item. These variations may cause slight differences in shape/size or color of your piece.

There may also be handmade markings visible on your piece. These signs of human interaction make every piece truly one of a kind and should be considered a mark of artisanal quality. Purchasing handmade is not for everyone.


Shipping costs will be calculated at checkout and are based on the size and weight of the item(s) in your order.

We are unable to predict potential customs fees, and any fees incurred at customs are the responsibility of the buyer. We ship to most countries worldwide. All pieces ship from Missouri, USA.

Orders are shipped discreetly in standard cardboard boxes and sealed with Wandering Bud logo packing tape. If you’d prefer clear packing tape on your box, let us know.


All sales are final. We do not accept returns since an item can no longer be considered new once it has been delivered, and we cannot sell it to another customer. If you have questions about an item, please reach out prior to purchase.

In the rare case that an item arrives broken, please email immediately. Include photos of the broken item(s) and a photo of the shipping box with a visible and legible shipping label.


Trays and jars should be hand washed, as the dishwasher is a harsh environment for the 22k gold luster. Any item with gold luster cannot go in the microwave.

Pipes can be cleaned with a pipe cleaning solution or rubbing alcohol and salt. A pipe cleaner, toothpick, or sewing needle works well to remove debris from extra tight spaces. You may also boil your pipe by following the directions below:

  1. Place pipe in an old pot with room temperature water.

  2. Slowly bring to a boil, and boil for 15-25 minutes.

  3. Turn off the heat, and let the pipe cool in the water.

  4. Use a pipe cleaner, toothpick, or sewing needle to loosen any remaining debris.


We craft items from high-quality porcelain clay and fire in a kiln 2-3 times, depending on whether luster is used. Glazes are food safe.

Since ceramic glaze takes on similar properties to glass, smoking from a ceramic piece will feel very similar to smoking from a glass piece. Because porcelain is opaque, our pieces tend to maintain a cleaner look between washings.

Custom Orders

We do occasionally accept custom order requests if the project is right and if time allows. Feel free to reach out to discuss.


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